It’s Not Your Imagination

It’s Not Your Imagination

Does it seem like the scale is moving in the wrong direction? Well, it’s not your imagination. The truth is, it does get more challenging to lose weight and keep it off as you age. When you try to lose weight, you’re fighting not only your cravings, but also your own...
A Time For Courage

A Time For Courage

“Courage is not the absence of fear,” but rather the ability to overcome fear and the determination to do what is necessary in the present moment. Today, we need courage more than ever.  Courage to embrace our vulnerability and courage to admit our fears...
Are You Looking For The Bad?

Are You Looking For The Bad?

How often do you look for the bad things rather than the good?  Are you spending time looking for reasons why things won’t work out rather than why they will? Embracing self-limiting beliefs is like locking yourself in a cage and throwing away the key. How do...

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